NEW ARRIVAL!! The Jewel Pads have all the wonderful benefits of Cherish, but are wider and longer, have leak guard protection, and infused with a New Award-winning strip that may reduce cramps, eliminate odor, and much more!!! 

This is the answer to my prayers! From the time I started my period at age 9, I’ve always had horribly painful periods that have gotten progressively worse over the years and unfortunately, as my family & friends can attest, the crampier I was, the crankier I was toward everyone around me. That’s embarrassing to admit, but true. I don’t know how these work, all I know is what a difference these pads have made in my life … my excruciatingly painful cramps are GONE so I’m FAR LESS cranky now (which my family & friends greatly appreciate!). Plus, the pads are so soft and keep me so much drier that I don’t get that awful post-period rash anymore. And as if all that wasn’t enough of a blessing, my period is 2-3 days shorter than usual by using these pads! HALLELUJAH!!! All I can say is … Periods no longer interfere with living my life to the fullest. I LOVE these pads and I will NEVER use anything else ever again!!! Thank you SO MUCH … I just can’t stop telling everyone about these!!!


Atlanta, GA